Chiropractors are an interesting lot. They typically spend a lot of time talking about patient "maintenance" care, yet all too frequently, don't seem to understand what this term really means. What it doesn't mean is lots and lots of visits simply because endless adjustment are the only thing that seems to help. The problem is the adjustments, or therapy for that matter, never seem to last very long, and the problem of pain and dysfunction usually returns faster than we care to admit. That is unless all of the factors that are contributing to chronic neck pain patterns are addressed. If you want to get off the medical merry-go-round and get out of pain here is some serious information for those of you struggling with chronic neck pain and/or headaches.

SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF INFLAMMATION: Let me start by saying that inflammation is a vital and necessary part of any healing process. However inflammation always, yes always, leads to Scar Tissue proliferation which often leads to pain and joint dysfunction. Thus, if you can't diminish the amount of chronic inflammation that is coursing through your body then simple pain relieving chiropractic adjustments are only a part of the answer. The role of proper diet makes a huge difference in fixing your problem. The consumption of pH lowering foods produce an acid environment in the body and blood stream. Such as eating adulterated processed food products and starches as well as too much animal proteins including dairy products contribute to the production of inflammatory exudates leading to greater scar tissue formation and long term chronic pain patterns.

INITIATE FIBROBLASTIC ACTIVITY: Fibroblasts are the cells that manufacture collagen that turns into new tissue such as bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Although you can accomplish this at some level with certain types of exercises especially combined with conservative treatment in order to stimulate Fibroblastic activity.

CAUSE TISSUE DEFORMATION: This last point strikes directly at the heart of what I discussed in the opening paragraph. Contrary to what some people might suggest, numerous people with hardcore serious problems are not going to solve their pain and restriction challenges by getting adjusted over and over again. Particularly if their foundational problem is scar tissue proliferation, which the medical community commonly refers to as "fibrosis," you are going to have to do some stretching and exercise. The problem is that in order to cause restricted connective tissue to elongate or stretch, which is called tissue deformation, you are going to have to hold stretches longer than you ever thought, much longer.

Don't get me wrong; there are other reasons people have chronic pain and dysfunction. A relatively common cause of chronic pain patterns is something called Traumatic Brain Injury for example; from automobile injuries and I am not talking about the loss of consciousness type of brain injury, but the type of brain injury that occurs during a seemingly routine whiplash injury. I will cover this in a future article. People who suffer from chronic pain patterns very often have loss of range of motion and a significant amount of joint restriction.

At the Conklin Clinics we work with our patients and discuss dietary considerations. We actively demonstrate pre-mobilization specificity stretch techniques for losses in range of motion in many planes and we carefully evaluate our patients before utilizing low level laser therapies, natural energy medicine or spinal adjustments which when combined can demonstrate long term beneficial outcomes. Give us a call.

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